Captains stepping down

March 4, 2013

Fellow SOHL League Members:

Since our last executive meeting, I thought it would be best to provide you with an update of what’s been happening with the league and what’s coming down the pipe.

Big Tunas - Dave Harrison and Denis Chatelain have decided to step down as captains after this season. Dave Harrison has been a captain since 2009/2010 after taking over from Joel Desaulniers and Denis Chatelain has been a captain since 2001/2002 after taking over from John Bockstael. We thank them for all of their efforts and together they have done an incredible job in making the Tunas a fun team to play on. Please join me in thanking these guys for the work they have done.

What this allows for is an opportunity for a couple of people in the league to get together and become Captains of a team. If anyone is interested please submit a request to the executive where at our first meeting, prior to the beginning of next season, the executive will meet, discuss and decide upon the new captains.

Red Dogs – After serving as a captain with the Red Dogs since 2003/2004, Rod Brecht has decided to step down after this season. Rod’s insight has helped the league become better and better every year. Again we thank Rod for all of the hard work he has done and join me in thanking Rod for his efforts. Taking over from Rod will be Alan Kachkowski. Please join me in welcoming Alan to assist Charlie in captaining the Red Dogs.

SOHL Tournament – Tournament starts next week. A big thank you to Trevor Kriss – SOHL Tournament Coordinator for spearheading the tourney as well as the numerous volunteers helping with the work associated with it. Without their help and our support we would not have a successful tourney year after year. Thanks again guys.

AGM - This year’s annual general meeting (AGM) will be held on April 3, 2013 at Southdale. The AGM is open to any member of the league and we encourage league members to attend. It’s important we have a good turnout at the AGM, as the presence of league members helps us in making any necessary changes and improvements to the league.

Banquet - This year’s annual banquet will be held April 20th 2013 at Niakwa Country Club. The banquet is open to all members of the league as well as their significant other. It’s always a great time.

Terry Pottinger Award – As like last year, voting for the Terry Pottinger award will be online. Last year we had over 90% of league members submit their choice for the award. We certainly want to repeat or better that %. For those new to the league, the award is given to a member of the league who best exemplifies what this league is all about “ Pure Fun and Camaraderie”, please do your part and vote.


Vince D’Angiolo

SOHL President

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