President's Message

March 23, 2014

Presidentís Message

The 29th season of the SOHL is over and the tournament this year was another huge success thanks to the efforts of Steve Peers who organized the tournament this year.

The success of any league is due to the efforts put forth by the executive and the team captains. True testament to this is the number of players leaving the league and new players coming in to the league. This past season was a first for us and with 120 players in the league we only had room for one new player. Dave Riege who played for Prime filled that spot this season.

The dynasty of the Big Tunas came to an end with the retirement of Denis Chatelain and Dave Harrison. The Big Tunas first came into the league in the 1998- 1999 season having been originally captained by Joel Desaulniers and John Bockstael.

The new team that came into the league was the Thunder captained by Bill Wrublowsky and Trevor Kriss. Both of these guys brought a ton of enthusiasm and did an incredible job in managing that team.

Brian Gingera stepped down as the founder and captain of Prime and passed the torch onto Brian Powell. Brian had been a captain from 1993-94 as far as I could tell. The team of Brianís continued to exist with Brian Yakimoski sharing the captain responsibilities with Brian Powell.

The Red Dogs also had a shift in captains as Rod Brecht stepped down and Alan Kachkowski took over the reins. Rod had been a captain since 2003-2004 after taking over from Tony (short stick) Gurniak.

The community centre came to us this season asking if we could contribute some monies towards the purchase of a new scoreboard for one the rinks. We decided the previous year due to lack of interest to not continue on with the camaraderie award but rather put the monies towards the community centre. This year we donated $1,000 towards the scoreboard.

Last yearís Terry Pottinger award went to Gerry Berard. This doesnít come as any surprise to any of us as Gerry has done quite a bit of volunteering for the league and together with Gil Jeanson captaining the Wankers truly portrays what camaraderie is all about.

This year is also the last year that I will be the President of the league. A new president will be named at the AGM and I am sure that whoever is chosen will have as much enjoyment and support as I have had over the years. Thank you to everyone in making this league truly the most rewarding and fun league to play in. It really doesnít get any better than this.


Vince DíAngiolo

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