Results from Tournament Survey

January 27, 2017

Thank you to all of you that completed the Tournament survey, your input was very valuable.

We want to remind everyone that the main goal of the Tournament is to recruit new members.

From the survey results, It seems that a majority of current league members show an interest in wanting to play In the tournament if the level of play was more like league games, “Guys, the more of you that sign up to play, the more it becomes league level play!”

The Tournament committee with the executive approval have made a couple of changes to the league tournament application process and rules which we feel will solve the majority of points raised by the survey, personal comments, concerns and past situations that have risen. 

We are a recreational hockey league that doesn’t encourage stats during our season, so a little competing at the end of year is encouraged, remember, it is still about “Good Times” and a “T-shirt”.

It is up to us to invite others to come out and see what our league is all about.

We hope to see more current league players once again come out and sign up for the tournament, promote our league to other players that are interested in joining up with a great group of people for some healthy camaraderie and a few laughs.

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