Terry Pottinger Award

Trophy is Awarded Annually to the person who most represents what our League Encompasses
(Good Sportsmanship and Comraderie) - Voted by all Members of the League.

Name Season Team
Steve Corrigal 2019-2020 Afternoon
Denis Chatelain 2018-2019 Red Dogs
Don Woodrow 2017-2018 Gators
Mike Tessier 2016-2017 Outlaws
Ray Smylski 2015-2016 Gators
Bill Wrublowsky 2014-2015 Thunder
Steve Peers 2013-2014 Outlaws
Gerry Berard 2012-2013 Wankers
Brian Yakimoski 2011-2012 Prime Wild
Charlie Naccarato 2010-2011 Red Dogs
Dave MacMillan 2009-2010 Big Tunas
Jack Wallace 2008-2009 Wankers
Alec Surasky 2007-2008 Big Tunas
Gil Jeanson 2006-2007 Wankers
Vince D'Angiolo 2005-2006 Federales
Chuck Magotiaux 2004-2005 Prime Wild
Leon Desilets 2003-2004 Federales
Kevin Gibson 2002-2003 Salmonbellies
Victor Mamchuk 2001-2002 Falcons
Bernie Hnatishin 2000-2001 Silver Bullets
Joel Desaulniers 1999-2000 Big Tunas
Daryl Rondeau 1998-1999 Salmonbellies
Brian Gingera 1997-1998 Prime Red
Tony Gurniak 1996-1997 Red Dogs
Kirby Mitchell 1995-1996 Synchronizers
Bill Klassen 1994-1995 Red Dogs