Awarded to an active or retired member(s) of the league. This award is granted to an individual(s) who has shown enthusiasm throughout the season, and has taken on tasks voluntarily.

Name Season Team
Gil Jeanson 2023-2024 Afternoon
Alan Kachkowski 2023-2024 Red Dogs
Darin Brecht 2022-2023 Wankers
Dave Tardi 2022-2023 Federales
Guy Carriere 2021-2022 Afternoon
George Parobec 2021-2022 Federales
Martin Robinson 2021-2022 Badgers
Pat Curtis 2019-2020 Afternoon, Red Dogs
Tod Niblock 2019-2020 Badgers
Derrick Thurston 2019-2020 Afternoon
Brent Belot 2018-2019 Outlaws
Rick Stephanchew 2018-2019 Outlaws
Vince D'Angiolo 2017-2018 Badgers
Alec Surasky 2016-2017 Federales
John Braconnier 2015-2016 Wankers
Kevin Gibson 2015-2016 Red Dogs
Bernie Hnatishin 2015-2016 Wankers
Joel Desaulniers 2013-2014
Charlie Naccarato 2013-2014 Red Dogs
Ray Smylski 2013-2014 Gators