Hi SOHL Players!

Almost half way through another season. I think games have been well attended and for the most part have been competitive and incident free. I'm not sure how we completely remove hooking, high sticking and body contact from our great game but it seems like most of us are trying to limit that kind of play. A few too many aggressive plays going hard to the net have occurred and we all need to make a conscious decision about when to pull back in order to keep the goalies safe. We have 2 players who made the tough decision that their bodies weren't going to co-operate through the rest of the season and we've replaced them with 2 Injury Reserve players for this season.

January and February will again be vacation season in the SOHL so expect there to be lots of ice time for those who want to fill in for other teams and get an extra skate in per week. The captains on opposing teams will reach out to each other first prior to contacting players on other teams. I know there have been some lopsided games so far this year. It is easier for captains to try and "even up" the teams when both teams have call up players. When both teams have 10 plus players we don't trade guys in that circumstance so unfortunately you may be on a team getting spanked and just need to think about cold beer after and get through the skate.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. I look forward to seeing everyone on the ice in 2024.

Tod Niblock