(Formally the Terry Pottinger Award)

In memory of our SOHL members that have passed, this Trophy is awarded annually to the person who most represents what our league encompasses (Good Sportsmanship and Camaraderie). Voted by all Members of the league.

Name Season Team
Todd Moffatt 2023-2024 Federales
Trevor Kriss 2022-2023 Thunder
Brent Belot 2021-2022 Wankers
Steve Corrigal 2019-2020 Afternoon
Denis Chatelain 2018-2019 Red Dogs
Don Woodrow 2017-2018 Gators
Mike Tessier 2016-2017 Outlaws
Ray Smylski 2015-2016 Gators
Bill Wrublowsky 2014-2015 Thunder
Steve Peers 2013-2014 Outlaws
Gerry Berard 2012-2013 Wankers
Brian Yakimoski 2011-2012 Prime Wild
Charlie Naccarato 2010-2011 Red Dogs
Dave MacMillan 2009-2010 Big Tunas
Jack Wallace 2008-2009 Wankers
Alec Surasky 2007-2008 Big Tunas
Gil Jeanson 2006-2007 Wankers
Vince D'Angiolo 2005-2006 Federales
Chuck Magotiaux 2004-2005 Prime Wild
Leon Desilets 2003-2004 Federales
Kevin Gibson 2002-2003 Salmonbellies
Victor Mamchuk 2001-2002 Falcons
Bernie Hnatishin 2000-2001 Silver Bullets
Joel Desaulniers 1999-2000 Big Tunas
Daryl Rondeau 1998-1999 Salmonbellies
Brian Gingera 1997-1998 Prime Red
Tony Gurniak 1996-1997 Red Dogs
Kirby Mitchell 1995-1996 Synchronizers
Bill Klassen 1994-1995 Red Dogs